Here on Chaplin-Gifs, you'll find many of the Charlie Chaplin gifs that have been made on tumblr by others and myself.

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Charlie Chaplin|City Lights (1931)

The tramp has the sword of “Peace and Prosperity” stuck up his pants.

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Charlie looks so handsome!!

Just a side note: Marion Davies was very aware of who Charlie Chaplin was:), they were on and off again lovers for many years

^^^ agreed

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The Gold Rush - June 26th 1925 Released 88 years ago today

This is the original ending of The Gold Rush when it was released in 1925, when Charlie Chaplin revived it and added narration and music in 1942 he omitted this scene.  

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Happy Birthday Chas Chaplin ∟ April 16th, 1889 - December 25th, 1977 | Rare Footage

very well made!